A complete list of Dr. Mays’ published works.

American Guerrillas: From the French and Indian Wars to Iraq and Afghanistan—How Americans Fight Unconventional Wars

American Guerrillas is a compelling narrative history of how Americans have fought unconventional warfare from the French and Indian Wars and the Revolution through the anti-insurgent campaigns of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Cumberland Blood: Champ Ferguson’s Civil War

This compelling volume delves into the violent story of Champ Ferguson, who acted independently of the Confederate army in a personal war that eventually garnered the censure of Confederate officials.

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Let Us Meet in Heaven: The Civil War Letters of James Michael Barr, 5th South Carolina Cavalry

The most revealing and touching passages written during the American Civil War are found in letters exchanged by loved ones.

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The Saltville Massacre (Civil War Campaigns and Commanders Series)

A detailed account from eyewitness reports of the most blatant battlefield atrocity of the war.

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